That One Day At… Old MacDonald’s Farm

MaiTai had a list for his third birthday. He was very specific and repeated this list, without alteration, over the weeks leading up to his party.

At first the only thing he wanted was “a really cute bunny.” I looked into the options… borrow a friend’s pet? Visit a petting zoo? Try to trick him with the synthetic stuffed kind?

We ended up checking out Old MacDonald’s Farm with one of his local unschooling groups. Apparently they had real bunnies ready for real cuddles! I hoped that would satisfy his wish, especially as they did indeed turn out to be “really cute.”

(I should add, after our trip he asked for a bunny at home. After explaining that rabbits like to be outside, he came up with the aforementioned list: A green bunny, a pink bunny, a little lion, and a big lion. Thankfully, stuffed versions would be acceptable).


Place Stats

Web site link: Old MacDonald’s Farm

Description: Via web site – “We are a 15 acre children’s paradise with petting zoo, pony rides, train ride and swimming pool… We have 12 petting zoo barns, train ride, pony rides, swimming pool, and many other activities for your enjoyment. There are plenty of playgrounds, Fort Apache, and an Indian Village. The children will certainly enjoy the ‘wavy slides’ and the volleyball area is great for older children and adults. There is a Hay Barn for old fashion fun and a Sand Mountain complete with sand toys.”

Location: 3203 FM 1960 East, Humble TX 77338

Hours: Check current hours here.

Fee: $10 + tax per person (under 18 mos. free). Group discounts and field trip rates available. Cash/check only.

Food: Concession stand serves food and drinks for extra cost. We brought our own snacks.

Bathrooms: Yes. Sanitizer and paper towels available. Watch out for hornets.

Contact Them: 281-446-4001

Other: Animal feed available for $1/bag. I didn’t find this necessary as most of the animals had food still in their bowls, so you could just grab a handful to feed them from there.


Photos & Feelings

Before Halloween they give each kid a free pumpkin of their choice from the pumpkin patch. We visited the patch on our way out. It was blisteringly hot, in my hormonally-influenced opinion, so I hoped MaiTai would fall in love with one of the punkins’ at first sight.

And he did! He went right up to the first table, found the tiniest pumpkin of them all, and said, “I REALLY like this one.”

“That’s the one you want? Are you sure? Wanna look around more first?”

“Umm…” He glanced around. “Well… no. Can’t I have this cute little one?”

Et voila… good things do come in tiny packages!


After saying hello to our friends from his unschooling group, we went straight to the bunny hatch. Some of the other kids were mistreating the rabbits and MaiTai found this to be distressing. When they left, he got a dish, placed a half-nibbled apple inside, and pushed it toward one rabbit, explaining how “he needs a plate to eat on.”

A gallery of some of the other animals we were pleased to meet…

(Slideshow below)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

MaiTai’s thoughts on the pony ride?

“It’s really… bumpyyyy…”

At least he was happy they let him ride a dark-colored horse.


The train ride is pretty sweet. I saved it for the end when I was getting tired and craving a seat to relax in (I wasn’t disappointed in the length of the ride, either). MaiTai always prefers to ride in the very back of trains.


We’ll definitely be back next fall!




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