That One Day At… Texas Renaissance Festival “School Days”

RenFest School Days isn’t as crowded as regular weekends when camping groups, drunken hordes, and everyone else and their mothers show up to participate in the latest Renaissance Festival theme — and MaiTai and I’s introverted natures were ever thankful for this special convenience.

Some days he’d rather be home than anywhere else and this was one of those days. So we didn’t do much jousting or binge-drinking of mead or sword dueling, much to the dismay of my overactive and irresponsible imagination.

For the discounted price offered to homeschoolers (us) and school groups on these days, I believe it’s worth the trip even if you end up just strolling around, exploring the shops, and people watching.


Place Stats

Web site link: Renaissance Festival School Days

Description: Via web site – “The Texas Renaissance Festival invites all public, private,and home school educators and students to join us for the 11th Annual School Days, when our faire is open only to teachers and students! Students step back in time as they enter the sights and sounds of New Market Village, an authentic recreation of a 16th century European village. Students will interact with hundreds of costumed characters representing the courts, culture, art, science, and literature of the Renaissance Period.

Jousting knights, musicians, jesters, and magicians perform on stages and arenas throughout the village. Students will have the opportunity to learn courtly dances, the ancient art of falconry, and the history of arms and armor. Artisans in period dress illustrate the technological advances of the Renaissance age through live demonstrations in pottery, glass blowing, blacksmithing, armor making, and other arts and trades of this amazing period.” 

Location: 21778 Farm-To-Market Rd 1774, Todd Mission, TX 77363

Hours: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm, October through December.

Fee: $9. Children under age 4 are free (keep in mind that all children under 12 are normally free on Sundays). Additional lunch vouchers are $9. If a food voucher is purchased, you’ll receive a coupon booklet that includes a free weekend pass for future use. General Parking is free.

Food: Though organizers claim there are options available for those with dietary restrictions, it’s a pain to find these elusive vendors, if they even truly exist. If you’re vegan, have allergies, or really don’t feel like chowing down on hunks of hot meat, I suggest bringing your own food. A backpack picnic or rolling cooler oughta do it. Click here for festival feasting options. Food prices range from $2 to $12 and drinks start at $3. 

Bathrooms: Yes. There are nice ones just outside the entry gates but it’s not difficult to find others inside the festival.

Contact Them: 800-458-3435

Other: Good to note – “On School Days, the Texas Renaissance Festival is only open to students, educators, and their chaperones.  Participants follow a strict “G-rating” with adult oriented content eliminated.  Items that our younger audience is unable to purchase by law including steel weaponry and alcohol are not available for purchase. Note – because of the G Rating, some shoppes WILL be closed and some stage acts that are not age-appropriate will not perform.”


Photos & Feelings

Getting ready for RenFest School Days! MaiTai chose to wear a kimono style top from Singapore.

Not the most vegan-friendly venue… but I doubt grilled tofu and lentil burgers were very popular entrees in the Renaissance period. So, points for authenticity.

Probably about a hundred face paint vendors. Or more. I can’t even tell if I’m exaggerating. Is everyone a face painter at RenFest?


I just had to get a closer glimpse of these bird whistles, which I suspect fetched their merchant a pretty penny if judging by crazy number of observed cash exchanges within a slight  5 minute window.


Niche events happening at these spots in the slideshow below. Some for everyone, some reserved especially for kids like MaiTai, and fun tiny people, maybe like myself? We enjoyed their aesthetics from afar rather than get involved in the happenings.

(Slideshow below)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Skilled artisans at work. Pretty sure we had past life flashbacks a few (dozen hundred) times.

You’ll be sad if you forget your piggyback allowance money. Behold, handcrafted and impressive things you know you want.

Can I wear these outfits every day always?

We spent a lot of time analyzing costume choices. MaiTai asked me about the man pictured below, “Is his costume scary or pretty?” I guess he figured I would be the concluding decision maker on such things…


MaiTai was starting to get upset as the afternoon wore on. He said he wanted to go home to take a bath and brush his teeth.

Requisite cheesy touristy photo. Overpriced and overexposed… even better! After I saw this photo, I noticed MaiTai’s expression and knew it was time to part ways with RenFest. 





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