The Kid Who Loved Wheels

It all started with a kid unwrapping a little red car one winter weekend…

10858061_2327906007620_3639311922851754238_n 10947188_2361282442010_7721115180159489146_n 12063888_2588437000732_1529342275805410309_n 10460477_2588439080784_8033220303112890313_n

Then his mama got a pair of white and purple skates for her birthday.


And his dado got a red and yellow skateboard for his own birthday.


Thankfully, they were all pretty good about sharing.


They decided to band together, kind of like the Power Rangers or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or the Three Musketeers. Except they wouldn’t be fighting crime or anything. Just wheelin’.


They wheeled here.. and there… and everywhere… it was kind of like that one Dr. Seuss book. Except there were no foxes in boxes. Just wheels, for reals.


The best wheel adventure of them all was at this place MADE for wheelin’. Can you believe it? A whole wheelin’ world… for the cost of a shoe rental and medium soda… What a deal!

Two wheels, three wheels, whose wheels? These wheels!




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