Entertainment: Moonlight Movies On The Lawn (CityCentre)

Loud, entertaining, somehow relaxing even still…oh, and free. Free is nice.

This was our first time attending Moonlight Movies On The Lawn, but we do frequent CityCentre for dining and shopping.


Via CityCentreHouston.com

Moonlight Movies at CityCentre takes place on the plaza green. Once the show starts, you’ll know exactly where to find it from the booming sound alone. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

(By the way, the movie began sharply on time — when they say a Moonlight Movie starts at dusk, it’ll likely begin at 6 p.m. on the stroke of the hand).


The movies are billed “for kids” so I assume the regular listing is considered family-friendly by general standards.


Don’t forget to bring something to sit upon, a blanket to curl into, and a pillow for reclining. (Snacks optional, but if you bring your kids, kinda not optional).



MaiTai’s movie review:

“It was scary.”

(Me) “Scary like exciting, or made you feel bad?”

“Really exciting scary! They went so fast!”

(Me) “Those trains were crazy fast. Did you think it was loud, too?”

“No. It went like this… ‘Ho ho ho!’ And ‘Merry Chrimmas!'”

Sounds like three and a half stars?




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