The Kid Who Loved Art

Just a collection of MaiTai’s artistic mastery to date!

Here he is practicing writing his name following my example on top.

Age 2.


MaiTai finally figured out how to use crayons properly on this day when we took a tour of an aquarium life store with one of his unschooling groups.

Age 2.


Here is MaiTai creating a Mother’s Day gift for me.

Age nearly 2.5.


…and the final product with a little help from The Designated Dad! (He painted over stickers shaped like these letters, which lifted up after it dried).


Busywork? Nah. This is practicing how he’ll leave his mark in this world, his signature so to say (a large red paint stain on this carpet proves it so).


Here is a Father’s Day gift MaiTai helped make for The Designated Dad. (We traced MaiTai’s hands on paper, cut them out, and placed them on the shirt. Then we spray-painted and flicked watered-down, garment-safe acrylic paint over it, removed the hand cut-outs, and let dry).


MaiTai wanted to chalk the driveway. I quickly became excited by all kinds of ideas — should I make a butterfly? Suggest a puppy? A sun peeking out from clouds or a rainbow?

But he only wanted to dump out the chalk and line them up by size. Over and over and over.


Here we are waiting in the Emergency Room after MaiTai fell off a chair and injured his finger. Thank goodness for those little craft stations they stick in the corner of every room.


Here are candies pretending to be MaiTai’s hand. A bit of a departure into postmodernism?

Age 2.5.


Here is “the front yard and our front door on the front.” On the front of what? This paper? The art table? I must know.

Age nearly 3 (same for those below).


This is “a blue house.”


This is “a red house.” He really wanted to hang this one up on the fridge. Little did he know that all his art would end up gracing the fridge eventually.


This is “a brown house like Mama and Dado’s house.” Looks purple to me. Or maybe my eyes have gone to crap.


This is “I don’t know.” Ah, I see — interpretive art.


This is “fire. It matches the table.” Yep, clearly this can only be fire. I mean look at it. If that’s not fire I don’t know what is.


Here he is watching a Painting 101 YouTube video, and attempting to replicate what he sees.

Age freshly 3.


MaiTai drew several pictures that all look exactly like this one below. With each, he said this is me “growing bigger with the baby,” and the scribbly stuff in the bottom-middle are “the baby’s feelings.”

Medium: Pink highlighter on A4 sized paper.

Age 3.


MaiTai drew a handful of pictures just like these below. With each, he said “This is Dado at work” or “This is Dado working.”

He explained: “He’s building up, up, up, building all the way up to the top — like Bob the Builder.”

Medium: Pink highlighter on A4 sized paper.

Age 3.


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