Play With Your Food: Pasta Carbs

Blast to the past… of the wide world of pasta shapes!

Backstory on this series:

Behold, some vegetarian/vegan lunches and dinners we made at home and enjoyed with our mouths and bellies over the past few years. This is part of a short series that will catch up on past home-cooked dining experiences before I start posting current meals.

Mostly organic, mostly vegan*, mostly on the same plates.

Sorry, no recipes.** I didn’t much like rules back in these largely spontaneous and experimental cooking days shared here.

We made these meals with what was in the pantry and fridge, a few minutes of forethought, some fire, a feeling of goodwill toward the animal kingdom, and the inspiration of our appetites.

*Some of these were made when we were still vegetarian and not fully vegan. I included only ones I recall to have been vegan, but I don’t have a time machine so can’t swear on anyone’s grave about it.

**I’ll be sure to include ingredients and recipes with future creations, though.

Part 2: Pasta Carbs

Black forbidden rice + butternut squash + vidalia onion + broccoli rabe + portobello mushroom + vegan apple bratwurst + smoky garlic vinaigrette.

Basmati rice + mung/garbanzo beans + cumin/turmeric.


Shiitake sesame spaghetti + sauteed kale + veggies.


The basic response to the classic “I feel like pasta for dinner” request. It looks Italian therefore it must be.


Balsamic tofu + kalamata olive noodles.


Parmezzan garlic rice spaghetti + caper/black pepper soy grounds.


Sesame citrus sticky brown rice.


Deconstructed spinach lasagna + rotini.


Spaghetti squash pasta + avocado pico.


To accompany corn tortillas + vegan cheese + black beans: Steamed brown/red rice + spinach/kale + chia + basil salsa + tomatoes.


Egg-free pasta (what is that, fusilli?) + sundried tomato soy bratwurst + simmered basil/oregano/sage cannelli beans + garlic/marjoram steamed bell pepper/vidalia onion + chopped spinach + what appears to be a homemade hummus.


“Screw’s Loose Noodle Bowl.”


Pepita + grape leaf lemon couscous.


“BAMBI (Balsamic And Meatless Baked Ingredients)”


The kind of meal your nuclear 1950s family would sit down to eat together promptly at 5 o’ clock, with elbows off the table and napkins on laps. A TV dinner-esque creation so scrumptious yet familiar, no one noticed Ma tipping vodka into her tea or Pa chain-smoking between bites.


“Raisin in the Sun Couscous.”


“The Neverending Rice Dish.” Seriously, this is an unusually long platter thing.

Parmezzan + corkscrew carbs (official name) + olives + veg.




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