Play With Your Food: Sidekicks & Soupy Soups

Sometimes the edge of the entree plate starts to feel like a lonely place. A cold perimeter uninhabited, other than by any inactive utensils and perhaps a chilled glass of Chardonnay.

Oh, did you forget the side dishes again?

Warm up the main feature with a sidekick or two — little bites, soups, or any appetizers you can eat with your hands are all good ideas.

Backstory on this series:

Behold, some vegetarian/vegan lunches and dinners we made at home and enjoyed with our mouths and bellies over the past few years. This is part of a short series that will catch up on past home-cooked dining experiences before I start posting current meals.

Mostly organic, mostly vegan*, mostly on the same plates.

Sorry, no recipes.** I didn’t much like rules back in these largely spontaneous and experimental cooking days shared here.

We made these meals with what was in the pantry and fridge, a few minutes of forethought, some fire, a feeling of goodwill toward the animal kingdom, and the inspiration of our appetites.

*Some of these were made when we were still vegetarian and not fully vegan. I included only ones I recall to have been vegan, but I don’t have a time machine so can’t swear on anyone’s grave about it.

**I’ll be sure to include ingredients and recipes with future creations, though.

Part 7: Sidekicks

Rosemary taters + celery.


Crusty breads + garlic aioli + balsamic drizzle + mushrooms + homemade tomato bruschetta.


Ginger cabbage + seitan potsticker dumplings.


Golden beet/pumpkin puree + garlic parmezzan sprinkle + cucumber + scallions + crackers from a box.


Spicy-sweet cilantro peach + celery + onion salsa + root vegetable chips from a bag.


Soupy Soups

“Deep Red Sea Diver Soup.”


“Hearty Mushroom Hearts Soup.”


“The World is Round & So Is My Dinner.”


It does not look like food, but trust me… it is a pea-based soup.


House take on italian wedding soup. Actually I don’t really know what italian wedding soup is, but it looks right?


Butternut squash + bean soup.





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