He Said… Dogs Are Just Like People

Just before sleep is usually the setting of favorite conversations…

MaiTai: “Mommy. Dogs are just like people.”

Me: “Oh?”

MaiTai: “They have eyes like us. And hair. Not shirts.”

Me: “We could put shirts on them though and then they’d have shirts.”

MaiTai: “Oh yeah! That’d be funny. And mouths. They eat with them too, like right out of them, from bowls.”

Me: “Like how you eat your cereal sometimes.”

MaiTai: “But they never use forks and things.”

Me: “It is too hard with their paws. Other animals are like us too.”

MaiTai: “But dogs are REALLY like us. Owls are like you.”

Me: “Oh, how?”

MaiTai: “Both so cute.”



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