So Far in Spring…

“Mom! Look! I made an M like my name! MOM LOOK!”

Indeed, a plant-based cream cheese toast M!

Who needs writing skills when you have biting skills?

12274666_1706114189664738_8928536199155575929_n copy

“To my children: If I had to choose between loving you and breathing, I’d use my last breath to tell you … I love you.” – Anonymous

12729234_1706589659617191_8263919899540265570_n copy

MaiTai has mentioned a few times that he needs a friend. “Just ONE friend,” he emphasized. This friend must be a boy, his age (he meant size), with short hair, nice and not loud, likes to play Legos, a friend “like you and Daddy are friends.” We found a few kids who fit his criteria, but MaiTai wasn’t satisfied.

With increased one-on-one time with myself and The Designated Dad (distracted lately with impending new arrival), he started making it clear that he changed his mind and wants to play by himself.

I think he liked the idea of a playmate more than the reality of actually having one — which would mean playing by their terms mostly, and he wasn’t as ready for that as he thought. For now we’ll stick to his usual involvement in group socialization without the pressure of forced interactions (until he expresses a desire for something else).

Here is his newest buddy.

12743624_1708568276085996_415745114556064591_n copy

MaiTai noshed on some vegan goodies during playground picnics with the grandparents while The Designated Dad and I attended weekly birth classes.

12806225_1709660695976754_717792560707339390_n copy12821628_1714354422174048_3964594295711184017_n copy12800389_1714354405507383_1753202151380647119_n copy12821491_1714354378840719_8352904457129044322_n copy

MaiTai: “I want the cashews… Daddy can get them for me?”

Me: “I can get them for you.”

MaiTai: “No Daddy can do it, ’cause he’s a grownup.”

Me: “So what am I then?”

MaiTai: “You’re tiny ’cause you’re a Holly.”

12801669_1710376079238549_6072121781767347035_n copy

MaiTai said he wants to grow to be a mommy. I asked how about a daddy? He said “Ummm… no… well, maaaybe.”

I asked what he thinks a daddy does. He said, “A daddy goes to work, and plays with me, and tells me how to make smoothies.”

Yes, yes he does!

12772003_2671874166609_4101768582467252679_o copy

Found them like this, slumbering off a little stomach bug illness, between the couch and the coffee table.

12823289_2674684356862_8617252654701649848_o copy

This really helped get MaiTai through the illness-requisite couch rest…

Behold, the only gaming console I’ve ever played and probably will ever play.

12819180_2678441490788_6690022191757875322_o copy

Enjoying the last days of non-oppressive heat by venturing out on the Azalea Trail Tour with MaiTai’s Pops and The Designated Dad.

1009877_2679184829371_101592666600999626_n copy

1933162_2679184349359_5822744803662100690_o copy

12829454_2679185149379_3659844387274955525_o copy

He’s finally decided baths are acceptable again after a long period of consternation toward anything watery or tub-like.

12733492_2662694577125_2719480199163047476_n copy

Longer daylight hours means MaiTai gets to spend more outdoor time with The Designated Dad after he gets home from work.

11717371_2680546383409_2511176661246544809_o copy

10438132_2680546183404_8944692493002370645_n copy

No matter the season, it’s always a good time for hugs.

12799277_2676494642118_7403915543001260327_n copy





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