Making & Using a Homeschool Teacher ID

Did you know all the discounts and extra perks that come along with educator ID cards also apply to those who homeschool or unschool?

Today I took MaiTai to see Zootopia in the theater. It’s Spring Break, which means it’s Teacher Appreciation Week at this particular place. Free tickets for teachers before 6 p.m. when the sun is least forgiving? Yes please!

Making a homeschool educator ID is easy. You can design a template of your own or use this pre-made, customizable one found here courtesy of Homeschool Buyers Co-op.


To get started, make an account to get your email registered so you can print the card. Choose “Teacher ID,” pick your color/logo preferences and fill in your information. If your child is involved with a local co-op or unschooling “school” like Sudbury, you can replace “My Homeschool” with that title.

Prefer a professionally printed, hard plastic version? You can order it through the site for $7.95.

Here are a few lists of retailers/businesses that offer teacher discounts:

Don’t forget to think outside the box of retail stores. Many movie theaters, museums, park programs, restaurants, family field trip spots, and other establishments offer educator discounts regularly or during certain times of the year (like Spring Break)!


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