Hunting for Easter Eggs

This year MaiTai joined one of his unschooling groups for a pre-Easter egg hunt at Mary Jo Peckham Park.

He got candies in some eggs. Said they smelled good. Asked if they were vegan. I said I didn’t know…

12798908_1719727258303431_8757448752089863113_n copy

12439407_1719727231636767_1602769363344119560_n copy

993569_1719727244970099_6162683596309522985_n copy

He said “Ok, well… I think I want to give them to someone else, maybe the other kids…” and he was happy that they were appreciative of his donation.

He wanted to keep all the egg shells though — those were the real prize, in his eyes.

12495132_1719727214970102_6147688042128913755_n copy

On Easter day, we did a round two egg hunt with Sassy, Poppy, and The Designated Dad. MaiTai said he really wanted all of us to hunt for eggs, together.

12108769_1723014894641334_3894803636684353451_n copy

12919763_1723014784641345_5177155793547438465_n copy

12321498_1723014864641337_1634743366606427450_n copy

12439431_1723014837974673_4650566645524378110_n copy

11108867_1723014924641331_8674538491487326275_n copy

1918870_1723014907974666_7843286666086715399_n copy

12376297_1723014767974680_2023259391346118327_n copy



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