MaiTai’s First Haircut – Age 4.5 Years

I still can’t bring myself to throw away the chopped locks yet… 😭

Until recently, MaiTai would say he liked his hair long and wanted to work where I work because he wanted his hair to be as long as mine (he knows TDD only has short hair because his job makes him).

We told him if he ever wanted a trim or cut to just let us know. He usually responded with a pretty emphatic “NO!”

But now it seems he wanted to try something new.

Last week I mentioned how I’ll soon be cutting my hair shorter (although I prefer my hair long) because baby Julep is always ripping it out.

Then MaiTai said he wanted to be bald. He referenced an elderly bald man we know.

“Yeah,  I want my head to look like my forehead!”


He said he was starting to get annoyed by how his neck makes his hair sweaty (thanks, Texas heat!) and he doesn’t like how long hair is harder to maintain — namely, he dislikes our nightly routine of brushing it to prevent tangles.

I explained how it takes hair a long time to grow back, so he should be sure. We decided I’d cut a small piece and see if he liked it. He was sure.

So, first haircut it was. He said he wanted me to cut it this time instead of going to a hair professional. I did warn him that this would be my first go at the haircutting rodeo and the final product would actually be my ‘practice’ round.

I begged him to sit still with the kitchen scissors snipping around his face. TDD helped keep his wiggling to a minimum by entertaining him with a puppet show as I trimmed.

Thankfully he’s happy with the way it feels now.

MaiTai’s final thoughts: “If someone says ‘Hey you cut your hair and I like it ‘ then I’ll say ‘Oh thank you!’ But if someone says ‘You cut your hair and shouldn’t have done that,’  I’ll say ‘Hey, I don’t want to hear that, I like it this way!'”



MaiTai Making Fruity Popsicles For Labor

I wanted to snack on fresh fruit popsicles during labor. I ended up eating some during early labor but things happened so fast I didn’t finish them off until a week into the postpartum period. They were pretty refreshing with all the hot-flashy hormone shifts, though!

The Designated Dad helped MaiTai craft a variety of homemade popsicles for me using natural fruit juices and fresh fruit — no additives, preservatives, or extra sweeteners.

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Interview With a Toddler

Quiz your toddlers!

What’s your name?
“My name is Milo Shadow.”

How old are you?
“Three years old.”

When is your birthday?
“My birthday is… I don’t know when is my birthday.”

How old is mommy?
“I don’t know.”

How old is your daddy?
“I don’t knowwwww.”

What’s your favorite color?
“My favorite color is orange, and green, and blue and… and… um. Purple.”

What’s your favorite food?
“My favorite food is. .. um … sup-getti and … and … broccoli and strawberries and everything else.”

Who’s your best friend?
“My best friend. .. I don’t like best friend.”

What’s your favorite t.v. show?
“My favorite t.v. show is … ummm… Thomas.”

What’s your favorite movie?
“My favorite movie is your movies, I like your movies, and I like them a lot.”

What’s your favorite song?
“My favorite song. IS. A bunny rabbit song.”

What’s your favorite animal?
“My favorite am-uh-all is… a bunny rabbit!”

What are you scared of?
“I’m scared of a bear.”

What makes you happy?
“What makes me happy? It’s your heart! And it’s daddy’s heart.”


Making & Using a Homeschool Teacher ID

Did you know all the discounts and extra perks that come along with educator ID cards also apply to those who homeschool or unschool?

Today I took MaiTai to see Zootopia in the theater. It’s Spring Break, which means it’s Teacher Appreciation Week at this particular place. Free tickets for teachers before 6 p.m. when the sun is least forgiving? Yes please!

Making a homeschool educator ID is easy. You can design a template of your own or use this pre-made, customizable one found here courtesy of Homeschool Buyers Co-op.


To get started, make an account to get your email registered so you can print the card. Choose “Teacher ID,” pick your color/logo preferences and fill in your information. If your child is involved with a local co-op or unschooling “school” like Sudbury, you can replace “My Homeschool” with that title.

Prefer a professionally printed, hard plastic version? You can order it through the site for $7.95.

Here are a few lists of retailers/businesses that offer teacher discounts:

Don’t forget to think outside the box of retail stores. Many movie theaters, museums, park programs, restaurants, family field trip spots, and other establishments offer educator discounts regularly or during certain times of the year (like Spring Break)!